Where did time go?

And just like that it is August again and another season done. A confusing and weird season but stubbornness and hard work pay off and we can’t wait to see what next season will bring.

Sunchaser Scuba will be closing it’s doors in the middle of August so we can get the boats up to scratch and ready for their summer spa stay in the boat yard. Painting tank backs, polishing hulls, chipping and repainting the deck, don’t worry, the list is longer than that. That will keep us pretty busy until the end of the month when it will be time to send them to the spa for bottom paint and some minor maintenance work by the amazing crew in the boat yard.

When the boats leave for their boat yard period it is time for a little vacation for Ben and Kay. With the uncertainty and ever changing situation around the world it is not sure yet where our adventures will take us this year. Exploring our own paradise or venturing abroad…We will wait and see what September brings us but one thing is for sure, there be eating and drinking, enjoying each other and our friends, long beach walks and hikes, a time to reflect, enjoy, live, love and laugh.

Thank you so much to everyone for hanging in there with us and enjoying our adventures during the year(s). We look forward catching up with everyone in the middle of October for another season of diving, meeting people, teaching new divers,…

Have the most amazing summer!